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5/5 star review from John Weber

After having tried ADSL from nearly all the suppliers in Cape Town, I decided to give Kibo Connect a chance to prove the great stories I had been hearing in my neighborhood. I can honestly say that for the first time since I started using ADSL I actually got the consistent speed I was paying for. I can't wait to try out their new fiber connection. If it is anything like their ADSL then I will be in Internet heaven.
A personal shout out to Rochelle Keating from Kibo connect for her personal support. In most companies you are just a number, at Kibo Connect, Rochelle actually has my number and calls me if she notices any variation in service and immediately I get the feeling that someone cares about giving service. I have to also mention though that I am on a monitored service and as such they can see any issues before I get to see them. That's all I really want, to actually get what I pay for.
If you are thinking of trying yet another supplier for Internet, give Kibo Connect a chance to prove themselves to you. I am almost certain that you won't be disappointed.
Thanks Kibo Connect.
Kibo Connect's Head Office in Cape Town

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CPT         +27 21 036 0011

DBN         +27 31 880 0008 

JHB          +27 10 045 1400 

Support    helpdesk@kiboconnect.co.za

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