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Challenges with Home Wi-Fi

Are you tired of getting frustrated with poor wireless connectivity at home? Or do you ever experience major drops in connection speed – on a regularly basis? Well, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your network by following these quick steps.

Here's a rather nifty infographic to help improve your home Wi-Fi network performance for you and your family. Enjoy!

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  1. Position your router at the centre of your living space for optimal network performance at home

  2. Devices within line-of-sight of your router have the strongest signal strength with minimal latency

  3. Connect devices with a network cable to get the best performance

Your home Wi-Fi network is the responsibility of the IT support provider and is not supported by your Internet Service Provider. Kibo Connect is responsible for the fibre being delivered up to the Fibre Service Endpoint. If you continue to experience connectivity issues with your home Wi-Fi network, it may be a sign to upgrade your network infrastructure to better suit your needs. Choosing a complete wireless home network solution which eliminate all dead zones and ensure you have strong wireless Internet everywhere in your home.

Please contact your IT support provider for a complete wireless solution.

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