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WPA3 Wi-Fi Security is Imminent

After more than a decade of WPA2, the next generation of Wi-Fi security, is set to enhance the security of both enterprise and home networks – making the wireless future far more secure for everyone.

Several key takeaways from the Wi-Fi Alliance® press release are that passwords for home users will be far more secure and resilient on WPA3. This means stronger overall protection for home networks – preventing password hacking attempts by third parties.

For enterprise solutions, we see the adoption of 192-bit encryption for networks transmitting sensitive data.

With the introduction of WPA3, Wi-Fi Alliance is also introducing a brand new way for users to connect their devices, Wi-Fi Easy Connect. This new platform reduces complexity while standardising the way in which devices connect – making the overall user experience more positive and increasing the level of security. Key to Wi-Fi Easy Connect is maintaining a simple, intuitive user experience, without lengthy instructions to follow.

Eventually WPA3 will become a requirement for all Wi-Fi Certified devices going forward as the market uptake increases. In the meantime, WPA3 will maintain interoperability with all WPA2 devices, meaning users can rest assured they are always protected when connected.

The Wi-Fi Alliance® source article can be found here.

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